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Our Beginnings

Our beginnings were in 2006, and it started with our founder, Mdm Khoo Cheng See being asked by her niece who was a doctor in the hospital to help care for an elderly patient who had attempted suicide due to alcoholism and family relationship breakdown. Mdm Khoo agreed and when she met that elderly man, she was filled with compassion for him because he was lonely and desperate. She brought him meals even after he was discharged and helped him to find a place in the Rifle Range area. One day, he asked if he could share her food with his neighbour, who was in an even worse condition than he was. And that was how it started. One person became two, two became ten, ten became hundred, and the numbers multiplied from there. The more Mdm Khoo reached out, the more she became aware of the extent of poverty that existed in the Rifle Range flats. As families got to know her, they started coming to her for help because they could not earn enough to provide food for their children. Sometimes, these children would be unsupervised the whole day because the parents were working. Often, she saw children who couldn’t go to school because their parents could barely afford to give them one meal a day, let alone provide uniforms, books and bus fares to school. It became clear that without education and support, the cycle of poverty and crime could continue into the next generation. So, with the help of some friends, the House of Hope was set up. Today, the House of Hope reaches out not only to the Rifle Range community, but to other families and communities in need in Penang.


Our Values

We care regardless of race, politics, or religion.

We do not turn away anyone who needs help, and we give of our best regardless of background.

We honour everyone.

We honour everyone and respect them as individuals. Nobody is valued any less because of the challenges they face.

We value honesty and accountability.

We steward carefully the resources entrusted to us, and seek to impart these values to those we journey alongside.

We partner.

We recognise that many challenges related to poverty can only be overcome when we work together. We seek to partner with individuals and families we journey alongside, as well as donors and partners who share our vision.

Volunteer/Partner with Us

At the House of Hope, we value contributions in kind and in the form of time,
love and commitment, be it at the individual or corporate level.

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